"We have received the information from the Ministry of Tourism that our Government has just passed the final draft of the Law which refers to the VAT lowering for sport and leisure boats in the period of 1st of January 2013.- 31st of May 2013. from 25% to 5%.
In the meantime there is a legislation already stating that the tax on boats (toll) has been reduced to 0% value.
Also the custom duties will be reduced from 8% to 1,7% for the boats up to 12 m length and to 0% for the boats longer than 12 meters.

All these favorable measures will be valid for a very short period of time – up to 31st of May 2013., that is one month before Croatia becomes a full member of the EU. After that date all the measures will be annulled and all the costs will be returned to previous values.
The fact that the boat is registered to domestic, Croatian flag makes the things much simpler and on the other hand much cheaper (no more vignette, limitation on the number of passengers, higher prices for dock use in ports etc.).

So, we use this opportunity to inform you in order to have enough time to bring up the decision whether you are willing to have your boat under the flag of Republic of Croatia or not. We offer our clients the service of vessel import and obtaining the Croatian flag, with minimum expenses, so we are on your disposal for any further information and help.