We have great pleasure in presenting the Flying Fox 35 - a very unique yacht and a piece of yachting history. She was designed by the famous yacht designer Uffa Fox, from the Isle of Wight who is known as the 'father of planing sailboat hulls'.

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During his career, he produced many successful racing dinghy and yacht designs. He was also a very passionate sailor who participated in many famous regattas of his time, sometimes together with his friend the Duke of Edinburgh.

The purpose of the Flying Fox 35 design was to provide a boat of 35ft water-line length, but with displacement, sail area and wetted surface about half that of the conventional ocean racer of that time. Her strength lies in races which provide strong winds and rough going, as the design aims at the hull which will plane at perhaps double the speed of the average boat (of that time) of the same water/line length.

From a cruising standpoint, the Flying Fox also has certain, definite advantages. In the first place there is no lack of room below. She has 6 ft headroom and the space below is surprising. She has a chart room, a galley, a wash room and space for sleeping seven people. In the meantime she can be managed even single-handed in a reasonable weather conditions.

It is important to mention that in her present condition, she will need some refit work on the keel/keelson area while other parts of the yacht are in very good condition. She also needs a classic yacht lover and enthusiast who will be capable of restoring and keeping this beautiful yacht specimen for our future generation.