It used to be said that the best time to buy a used boat was during autumn and winter, because boat owners once they decide to sell the expenses rack up for marina berths, yard fees and general maintenance. If you are looking to sell your boat, then try the team at as they will give you and your boat the attention needed to sell it as swiftly as possible.

When you are ready to sell your boat, one of our brokers will come down, and record the full details, including taking up to 80 photos which all is published onto the website as the up to date online brochure of all our boats for sale. As soon as your boat goes live we then check through our database of over 420,000 boat buyers to see if any customers profiles would be the next perfect owner for your boat. We have had many boat sales within a very short frame of time this way.

Why list your boat with us...
We specialise in USED boats
Full Brokerage service
We personally view and photograph every boat
Accurate and up to date boat information online
View up to 80 photos and video of every boat
We accompany all viewings
We give regular updates to the Vendor
Integration into MLS systems (Yachtworld, Yacht Market, etc)
Cost effective & Performance based

Every boat owner who has decided to sell will be keen to close the deal and avoid having to pay the costs of another winter's storage and maintenance which depending on the size of an unsold boat can cost thousands or tens of thousands Euros a year. As winter approaches, buying a used boat in the autumn ends boat expenses for the seller and is very desirable.

More boats come onto the market during spring and autumn seasons than any other time of the year. Selection and room for price negotiation when buying a used boat will be at a peak during these times of the year.
Some owners will have decided to upgraded for newer or larger model or decided that because they have been too busy to use their boat they need to sell it.

If you are looking to buy a boat soon, you will have the benefit of the winter months to check the boat, do any upgrades, maintenance so that your boat will be ready for the new season. Winter storage charges are not peak rates so will be competitive compared.

At the and of charter season, a few charter yachts also come onto the market to finance newer charter boats for the charter companies. Despite the fact that many people have negative opinion about condition of yachts that was used for charter most of them are very well maintained by professional charter company service and could be real opportunity for new owner.

Depending upon the type of boat for sale that you would like to buy next, do take advantage of professional Yacht Brokers like, who show up to 80 photos and full information on every boat for sale, plus who will keep in touch with Sellers and Purchasers throughout the boat deal as it progresses, ensuring that everyone is clear of what is happening, when, where and why. Working under the BRBA and BMF Yacht Brokers use Client accounts for all clients funds including deposits and sales proceeds.

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