If you want to sell your boat and don’t have enough time or possibility to do that by yourself call us and let us to help you. We are members of Boatshed.com one of leading yacht brokerage group and we have largest registered customer base (450.000) of potential buyers.

All boats are featured across all Boatshed Offices world-wide, plus we also feature boats on MLS portals like Yachtworld.com, Boats.com, The yacht market etc.

We will personally check your boat and take up to 80 detail photos of interior and exterior to enable customer to have detail insight in boat they want to purchase.

We will attend viewings with buyer on your behalf, negotiate about price and prepare all necessary paperwork.

On the other side if you want to be ready for next sailing season and take advantage of the fact that boat prices are lower than ever before check our offer and act soon.

We have over 2300 used boats for sale currently, and if you trying to find something else that we don’t have in base currently, we could also help you because we are familiar and updated with international used boat market.

We are also offering possibility for different nautical companies that want to improve and develop their business and increase income; implementation of white label business model

I'm looking for existing marine business to bolt on Boatshed to their business in Croatia. Boatshed is a proven business model and their Yacht Brokerage system is the best in the world. The system developed to enable benefit from existing Boatshed technology, new upgrades, search engine optimization techniques, 24/7 support system and all boats listed on our site. More info here

We are also always interested in possibility to cooperate with knowledgeable, boating, professional people who are interested to become our agents and brokers and could help us expand and develop our busy boat sales business.

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